Cannabar Ltd. is an Israeli medical cannabis company, their aim is to become a leading medical cannabis company focused on breeding growing & cultivation and distribution of medical grade cannabis in Israel and globally.


As part of the Cannabar project they wanted to show the young dynamic company, their dedication and devotion and the team spirit of the employees. The video focuses on the state of the art facilities and human touch throughout the whole process.


The website’s design focuses around captivating imagery and photography that shows the core, substance and the heart of the company. A minimalist and clean approach was taken to reflect their essence using a natural color palette.


We built the bespoke Cannabar website on WordPress in order to ensure future flexibility and scalability as Cannabar continues to grow. Additionally, we focused on ease of use and navigation in order to make the site as user friendly as possible. The site is a dual language site catering to both domestic users and international markets.

Looking to the future

The website was designed and inspired by nature, using strong imagery which reflects the characteristics of the team and their products.

Throughout the whole process Makai were always one step ahead and on top of everything. From creative ideas to support and meeting strict deadlines. It's a pleasure to work with such a dedicated company. Thank you! Ami & Lior - Cannabar owners