Makai : toward the sea

Makai means toward the sea in Hawaiian.

We are a small design studio operating between Amsterdam and Miami that specializes in branding, design and digital presence.
For us big city living needs to be balanced by connecting with nature regularly. We both feel particularly drawn to the sea and love swimming, diving, surfing and enjoying its beauty.

Having experienced life in different parts of the world has given us a global mindset and a broader perception of the world we live in.
We feel a strong sense of responsibility to do our part in making this world a better place by supporting initiatives that consciously make a positive contribution in the fields of health, education, sustainability, animal welfare and social projects.

We look forward to an amazing collaboration with you!

Team Makai

(Still grumpy in winter)

Daniel is a true wanderlust and he has a deep desire to search and explore, meet people, explore new cultures and try new food. With a background in wellness and natural health and a passion for technology and creativity he truly devotes himself to each and every project on a personal level. He is also an avid yogi, animal lover and enjoys puzzles in his spare time. Daniel specializes in UX / UI, project management, site optimization and quality assurance. With years of experience working in the web world both on start-ups, apps and websites as a client and as a provider he understands the nuances and complexity of projects and can describe them in a very simplified manner.
Erika is an advocate of healthy living and well-being.
Having her own health food cafe in the Mexican Caribbean 16 years ago taught her a lot about nutrition.
Afterwards she opened a Martial Arts school, something very close to her heart as a black belt in Taekwondo.
During her visual communication studies she discovered her passion for branding and design of projects with soul. Her strength lies in truly understanding what a brand is about, creating a strong foundation for it with a unique visual identity.
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