Yogamind is a yoga studio owned and run by Limor Miloslavsky.

The beautiful space has been elegantly designed to create an intimate yet welcoming feeling of being at home. The studio is a space for various yoga classes, courses, workshops and personal meetings.

We created a unique, tailor-made website for Limor to meet her exact requirements and needs.




Working on the Yogamind website was a fun project as Limor was very open minded and wanted the site to portray elegance but at the same time have some life to it. We had many meetings to go over every part of the site along with a photoshoot day in order to reach an end result that stands out and represents the core values of Yogamind and Limor.
Working with Daniel on this project was a truly unique experience. Daniel's attention to detail, patience and understanding my vision were amazing. The whole process was a joy and I am ecstatic with the end results.
Thank you Daniel!
Limor Miloslavsky