High Vibeology


High Vibeology is a brand of organic adaptogenic blends to add to food and drinks made of medicinal mushrooms and herbs. Their function is to balance the nervous and hormonal systems for transformation from stress to inner peace and vitality.


The essence of this holistic brand is the interconnectedness between the ancient healing herbs and mushrooms, spirituality and modern, clean elegance.
The mysterious mushrooms in earthy colors are combined with clean white space and subtle elements of black and gold.

High Vibeology has a conscious, spiritual character which aligns strongly with the use of Sacred Geometry.
By integrating the elements of the Metatron’s cube and platonic solids within the various products, it is believed that the healing properties of the blends are elevated: for example using element water in the blend to calm the emotions.

Also the use of positive affirmations on each of the blends, such as “I am focused and I expand my mind” reminds the user that they are powerful co-creators of their life.


High Vibeology embodies the concept of high vibe living – a high energetic, positive frequency in body, mind and spirit.

The logo expresses just that: the words high vibe highlighted in a bold font in minimalistic, typographic form.


The purpose of the website is to provide education about adaptogens and healthy, holistic living as well as a webshop where people can order the products online.
The use of engaging visuals and a clean, minimal background emphasizes smooth user experience while navigating the different parts of the platform.

Adaptogens for health

How to introduce ancient herbs and mushrooms that have been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to the modern, western world?
A very interesting opportunity to open our minds to the creative, conceptual and spiritual world of natural, holistic wellness that transcends time and culture.

Working with Daniel on this project was a truly unique experience. His attention to detail, patience and understanding of my vision were amazing. The whole process was a joy and I am ecstatic with the end results. Thank you Daniel! Erika Neomi - High Vibeology Founder