Dylan Werner Studio


Dylan Werner Studio is an online platform created by yoga teacher Dylan Werner. It houses his wide range of yoga teachings, including instructional videos, vinyasa classes, meditations and breathwork exercises.
It is designed to help students and teachers enhance their yoga practice, deepen their understanding of yoga philosophy and anatomy, and foster overall well-being.


Dylan Werner Yoga seamlessly blends the graceful harmony of aesthetics, minimalism, and modernism with the core values of strength, discipline, and humility. This fusion creates a unique experience that resonates with both the eye and the spirit.

To complement the website’s natural elements, we used a natural and elegant color palette. These colors not only enhance the visual appeal but also harmonize with the essence of the content, fostering a serene and cohesive ambiance for visitors to immerse themselves in the yoga experience.


The main emphasis during the site’s design was to evoke the concept of light emerging from darkness. This led us to opt for black backgrounds accompanied by white fonts and vibrant images, creating a striking visual contrast. Our intention was not only to represent this play of light and dark but also to ensure a clean, minimalist, and welcoming design. Additionally, we focused on integrating simple navigational elements to enhance user experience, aiming to make the site both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.


This project is an entirely bespoke, custom-designed and developed website specifically crafted to meet Dylan’s exact needs. From accommodating multiple viewports to implementing intricate filters and search functions, we spared no effort and ensured no corners were cut. Every functionality was meticulously created with great attention to detail. Despite integrating numerous advanced and in-depth features, our focus remained on maintaining an exceptionally user-friendly experience. The next phase of this project involves developing online courses, series, and a mobile app.

Elevate your Practice

Through this platform, individuals can access Dylan Werner’s expertise and guidance, regardless of their location, making it a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced yogis seeking to advance their practice.

I am absolutely stoked! When I initially discussed my platform with Daniel, I never imagined it would turn out so incredible. It has surpassed my wildest expectations. The experience of collaborating with Daniel and his team is delightful and working with such a hands-on and proactive team is an absolute pleasure. Dylan Werner - Founder / CEO of Dylan Werner Yoga