GO Realty Holdings LLC
GO Realty is a real estate office in Florida.

They provide services such as sales, property management, construction, acquisitions, and investment management.

We did the branding, web design and development for them.






Houses have an intimate character; they are places where people build a home, spend time with loved ones, raise a family etc.
We wanted to combine these personal, warm elements with a professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable business image, representing the real estate sector.
GO Realty is located in Florida whose fun, sunny essence we used as a base for their brand identity.
We incorporated the typical pastel colors that are associated with Miami and South Beach while maintaining a clean, professional base.
The logo represents some of Florida’s characteristic elements; pastel colors, Art Deco architecture in simple, clean geometric shapes and the coconut tree.


GO Realty needed a website where their clients could easily navigate their services, view the latest properties and inquire about the information they need. As part of their reconstruction services we built a feature for them which shows the before and after of a property.
I am so happy with the end result! The Makai team went above and beyond in their service and effort on this project. I simply can't praise them enough and am looking forward to working with them on my next projects. Gal Oron - CEO and founder